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How to Move in '22

If I’ve learned anything from 2021, it’s that the world still loves music. We are passionate I’m not only our opinions about music, but also what speaks to us, what we relate to, what gets us going, and what we believe deserves our support, attention, and our dollars.

As creatives, we’ve seen that the future has presented some very interesting scenarios that can either make or break our creative spirits as well. Shows, concerts, tours, and festivals all scheduled and cancelled sometimes within days of being announced due to this ongoing pandemic. Releases pushed out for the sake of relevance, consumption, and even boredom. I thought we’d learned the lesson in 2020 that we don’t always have to be ON, but it seems that there was a never ending stream of content that not only watered down the quality, but seemed to act as proof of our dedication to visibility rather than to the craft itself.

Which brings me to my point: we can no longer continue to move out of desperation in 2022. We’ve fed the algorithm enough. We’ve indulged the masses with more than enough fluff to keep them buoyant. And honestly, even they know when they’ve been giving too much sauce to truly enjoy the meal.

My hope for this year is that we move in faith. Faith in our talent, faith in our grind, faith in our audience, and more than anything, faith in our purpose. Too many of us are still holding onto dreams and aspirations that while in their infancy seemed east to obtain, but have proven less and less tangible, yet we power on without a thought of realism.

And that by no means is me saying to let go of the dream. I’m just encouraging us to make sure our dream has a stable foundation in the realization of our current world and climate. We’ve been shown for the last two years that life can change in an instant and it seems that we’re more ready to ignore the change than prepare for it head on.

So this year, let’s move in wisdom. Let’s make educated and informed decisions about our futures. Let’s dig deep into our creative wells to pull out the magic! Let’s leave behind comparisons, unrealistic expectations, and algorithmic trends. We are creative, so why not create our own destiny? I believe we can do it! Are you with me?

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