Natural City Music is an independent label specializing in the creation of music spanning all genres, the development of artists, and the expansion and introduction of a new sound in the music world. Officially started in 2015, NCM has released several projects to critical and widespread acclaim garnering the attention of major labels and artists, as well as recognition from various organizations and awards. NCM’s network includes not only artists, songwriters, and producers, but live musicians, recording studios, photographers & videographers, graphic designers, choreographers, make-up, hair, and wardrobe stylists, art direction, and more.

Inspired by a South Korean sci-fi film, then conceptualized as  an unreleased album project from CEO & founder A-natural, Natural City Music came to fruition from the encouragement and tutelage of the late songwriter, vocal producer, and engineer Jonathan “Jerz” Boyd, A-natural’s mentor and honorary big brother. While working on the Natural City album project, the idea was spurned to create a label where the ideals of building a collective of naturally talented artists and creatives could be actualized.

To put action to the vision, A-natural began travelling up and down the East Coast, honing his skills as a songwriter, vocal producer, and artist developer, working with the likes of artists from SONY, Universal, and other projects commissioned by LA Reid, Ray Daniels, Shawn Stockman, and Polow Da Don. The Natural City sound began to take shape and gain a reputation for its intricate harmonies, futuristic production, and reliance on bringing old school technique into the future of music.

Realizing that the Natural City sound needed more than just placement opportunities to gain wings, A-natural made the decision to create projects for in-house artists in hopes that his signature music style could reach a much wider but more immediate audience, the first being an R&B/Pop singer from Dallas, TX, Andrew Kent. The first project from Andrew, Identity, was a fresh take on the now current hybrid of pop & soul, garnering Andrew a huge following, as well as confirming NCM’s ability to develop and promote an artist.