Natural City Music


Natural City Music began, surprisingly enough, not as a company, but as an album title birthed from recording sessions from A-natural's first forray into mainstream R&B and combined with the Korean Sci-fi flick of the same name.


A-natural's love for all things futuristic covered his approach to this unconventional album, that unfortunately would not be released by the untimely passing of his collaborating creative partner Jonathan "Jerz" Boyd.


Feeling the responsibility given to him in the shadow of Jerz's passing, A-natural chose to continue the dream they shared of building a world of artists and music where creativity was at it's core while it's packaging remained attractive and ahead of the current trends of the music scope.


Sharpening not only his pen, but incorporating the talents of several upcoming writers, producers, and artists, A-natural is looking to finally build this dream city where true creativity is finally heard and seen.

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