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On May 3rd, 2024, I will release a new album entitled WELCOME TO NATURAL CITY. I chose a compilation album as my next project because I believed that it was time for me to truly do what I've said I would: create a platform for other artists. To fully understand and execute my calling, I would need to use this opportunity to showcase other voices.


The true birth of @NatCityMus was about 13 years ago after being inspired by a Korean sci-fi film of the same name and Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid saga, which culminated into an as yet unreleased album conceived with my brother Jonathan ‘Jerz’ Boyd (rest in peace).

The album was to be my first major label debut but, unfortunately, that dream would not come to fruition.


But let’s go back a little farther…


Just out of high school, my best friend at the time and I conjured up an earlier dream: a huge skyscraper in New York City that would house every facet of the entertainment industry. You name it, we had it on the list. But, as things go, my friend and I grew apart. Yet, this dream never died for me.


Now, so many years, companies, and releases later, I’m finally ready to open the gates of Natural City to a new audience. The skyscrapers have been built, the roads are paved, the districts have been set, and the council is seated. For this first iteration, I’ve brought along some of the most talented and god-sent artists for the ride:

Lenny Harold, Lauren Ashley, Seychelle Elise, and Authentik


This album is an experience.

It’s best listened to using headphones, starting from track 1 all the way through track 15. My hope is that you’ll be able to unlock your own imagination and visualize what a free city of music would like. Each song is inspired by music that’s lived in me since I was little, music that spans so many different genres and styles; music that shifts and changes shape just as it should when freedom is the catalyst!


This album is a celebration.

It’s about enjoying the opportunities we have as artists in a world/industry that was not designed for us to win. Natural City is more than just a futuristic landscape. It’s a mindset that says we can still achieve our dreams without caving to a system that we know is against us. The bells you hear mean freedom, the booms you hear signify the crumbling of the former system to make way for something new. The chants are our dedication to our craft and our love for the freedom of creativity.


This album is a gift back to the Creator.

I will forever be grateful for this gift God gave me back when I was writing songs with my dad and his guitar at the age of 3. I use this project as my way of giving it back to Him and to say thank You…a million times over. 


To you, the listeners and supporters…the artists, writers, and producers…those of you who’ve wanted to see what Natural City was truly about…this is for you. I hope you are inspired and motivated, not just to be a part of a label like NCM, but to do so in your own journey. Let this project show that you can thrive in a new land where your gift makes room for you.




I’m so glad you’re here!


The Architect,



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