Music Production

In today's fast-paced and ever changing music scene, one must always be ahead of every curve that the radio throws. Knowing this, A-natural has chosen to play less of the placement game with his own music production but build his niche with independent artists who are looking for a unique and fresh sound. Working closely with indie artists such as Lenny Harold, Authentik, Kola Rai, and Ian Grey, he's been able to put his best creative foot forward remaining true to his inspiration while staying current and competitive with today's sounds.


However, as opportunities flow in as a songwriter, the best way to tackle the placement game is to provide top-notch production along with quality top-line writing. To do this, A-natural has teamed up with some of the East Coast's brightest production stars to create a true force to be reckoned with that already has the industry chomping at the bit for more! Enlisting the talents of NJ-bred Steve Ben-Aime aka AimeZ, this creative duo is ready to take on every genre the industry has and then some! Their collective catalog has been called the next big thing by many ears around the industry!


Also, with collaborations coming with other huge talents such as Jersey's Coastyn, ATL's KT Finesse, Miami's M2G, and others, the charts are about to see some repeat offenders very soon!